mardi 29 janvier 2008

So young but so warm

I could also have said : so young but so Parisian. From our beloved capital, aired on our beloved Radio Campus Paris, here are three DJs who deserve much respect.

Out One WRCP mix – 12/22/2007

The freewheelin' Parisian video director and misanthropic lover Out One loves funk, shadow and dirt. Expect Midwest black hyperkinetic house (such as Gemini's Festival) as well as eurobrutalist atmospheres, some B-More club and even delicate, melancolic vapours gushing from remote places. Check his myspace here.

MacManus WRCP mix – 01/05/2008

MacManus works for the Paris' greatest record shop, 12 Inch. He likes his music deep and warm, even hot sometimes, both electronic and organic, blended with savoir-faire and sheer generosity. Big up mec. His myspace here.

Heatkid WRCP mix – 01/26/2008

Minimal druggy grooves & dumber fidgety UK house : that's our man Heatkid on the wheels of steel, killin it, tearin it, makin it hot, whatever. The curious thing about such a young kid is his love of vinyl. He told me he used cds only when forced to. But his father owned a record store, so I guess this might explain that. Check his myspace here.

You can suscribe to WRCP's podcasts just by copy-pasting this URL in iTunes or any other podcast software.

3 commentaires:

frelon a dit…

I've also heard that Ant One made a major hot house mix

EtienneMenu a dit…

Yes but he doesn't want me to put it online.

telefuß. a dit…

Great mix ! I grab'em all !

Nice blog btw.