vendredi 21 mars 2008

Carl Craig / Paperclip People – 1991

Oh yes Carl, come on, scream your soul out and be yourself, man. You're acting the tragic and grace-touched really, really well. Lovely orangey hues by the way, very vintage late 90s techno artwork, absolutely love it.

Paperclip People – Gypsy Man (He's a Hobo)
(Tick the case, then click on "Rapatrier" on the upper left side of the screen)

Carl Craig did this nice Crystal Waters/Basement Boys sampling track in 1991 (so that's 15 years before T.I.), as part of a cult Paperclip People 12 inch mostly known for its classic breakbeat title track, "Oscillator", arguably the tune that really got me into techno (and which I discovered listening to the greater than great "Mondial Twist" show on parisian radio station FPP). Anyway, this is marvellous, speedy and juvenile, excited and classy. Should be spun today, shouldn’t it ? Btw much love to Crystal, who's still in the business apparently :

(Crystal Waters with dancers Antoine (l) and Kevin (r))

As a bonus, for those who don’t know it, here’s "Oscillator" itself. I don't have the original version with the long intro on this computer, but I'll upload it this weekend.

Take care. Special hello to you if you're coming from DC's.

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telefuß. a dit…

oui je fais de la muscu.

frelon a dit…

fais pas le margoulin menu.

EtienneMenu a dit…

j'ai rien inventé :

reconnaissez que je pouvais pas vraiment laisser passer ça.

voltask a dit…


et une pensée pour l'exemplaire du best of paperclip people de la bibliothèque Picpus

odot a dit…

dennis says hi

EtienneMenu a dit…

quel mondain cet olivier
c'est de plus en plus people ici

Anonyme a dit…

c'est fini?

EtienneMenu a dit…

Non non mais je suis un peu occupé, désolé. Ça revient vite.

Willy Terror a dit…

pouce en haut